Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Class 14 Teddy Bear Frequently Asked Questions

Does the kit come as one package?

Yes, you get all the parts to build the loco in one lot.

Are the wheels quartered?

Yes, we set the wheels and quarter them before packing the kit.

Does the loco have springing?

Yes, the six phosphor bronze axle boxes are independently sprung with steel coil springs.

How is the drive-train set up?

The 750watt 24v DC motor is mounted longitudinally under the short bonnet. The drive is transmitted via a toothed belt to the drive shaft located between the frames. Drive is then turned through 90 degrees via a spur gear to the jackshaft on both sides of the loco.

The drive is then distributed to all axles via the connecting rods.

How can you be sure the kit will all "just bolt together"?

There are several examples of the class 14 kits, which have been built and are running. We have talked to owners and consulted the designer to check that the kit is fully developed.

We also build our own kits from a stock kit to check the build operation and photograph the process for the build manual.

What wheel standards do you use?

Back to back 119.06mm or 4 11/16" as per GL5 standards.

Where do I get the paint?

We give you the colour references to use automotive finishes.

You can buy these from a specialist spray paint outlet or across the counter at Halfords.

You can also give the reference to a professional spray shop and they will mix on site and complete the job for you.

Alternatively you can source paint from specialist railway livery supply companies.

Does the interior detailing come with the kit?

Yes there is a control cabinet, driving desk and a pair of seats and all the controls you would expect to see in a full size loco.

We even include the interior door handles!

How do I order a kit?

Just call, write or email.

How much is the deposit and when do I pay the balance?

Deposit is 50% of the total price and the balance is due on collection or just prior to despatch.

How do I pay?

We accept most forms of payment, cash, cheque, credit or debit card or bank transfer.

How do you drive the loco?

We supply a remote handset that incorporates all the controls and is connected to the loco by a plug-in cable.

Where do the batteries go?

We can supply a battery carrier that takes both batteries and connects via plug on the carrier to the loco. The battery carrier can be placed onto a riding car or truck behind the Loco. We can also supply a riding truck designed for this purpose.

Why don’t you put the batteries in the Loco?

They don’t fit!

This was a major consideration at the design stage. We wanted a true scale model, not one that was compromised to accommodate batteries. The cab detailing would not be possible if we did manage to squeeze batteries into the loco.

We also considered that the type and size of battery that we could then fit would be unsuitable for any kind of realistic performance.

We have included in the kit a custom-made battery carrier that takes the batteries and connects to the loco via a plug and socket. The same socket is used for battery charging.

How heavy is the loco?

Just under 40 Kilograms or 88lbs.

This makes it heavy enough to require two persons to lift the loco securely and safely.

Do I need engineering skills to build a kit?

Absolutely not! The kit is engineered by us to allow you build it with no special tools or skills required basic modelling skills will enable you to build the kit using the fully illustrated build manual.

We are always happy to talk you through any areas of the build and can usually provide extra pictures if required.

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5 inch Gauge £4,295
7.25 inch Gauge £6,295

All prices include VAT