Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Phoenix Locos

Project Loco 2

The Project Loco is a freelance design which takes many of its styling cues from the Hunslet Locomotives of yesteryear. The model has been sold into many countries and has proved to a robust and reliable performer equally at home on the club track or garden railway.

The 5" gauge version of the Project Loco belies its diminutive size of 22in long by hauling 4-5 passengers with ease for an afternoons running on club tracks and on the smallest of garden railways. It can be built in a weekend and requires no special tools or knowledge.

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Titan Bogie Loco

We were asked if you could double head a pair of Project locos for greater passenger hauling power. This request led to the introduction of the titan 7 which is effectively a pair of Project Locos on one chassis. The low profile bogies each have the same power unit as a Project loco and give the Titan the ability to tackle passenger hauling with ease.

Scaled at 75% of its big brother, the Titan 5 features four motors and all axles are driven. The kit can easily be built in a weekend with no special tools required, follow the illustrated build instructions and you could be on the track with your own loco in no time.

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The Hesketh

This Hibberd Planet style loco features all steel welded construction and a 1hp 24DC motor which is controlled by an industry standard digital control system. IF you want the rugged looks of a narrow gauge industrial loco with the power to haul passengers all day then look no further than the Hesketh.

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Class 42 Warship

We were able to access the full size loco to build our model to ensure that it was an accurate scale representation. The two powered bogies are driven on all axles ensuring the model is a great passenger hauler with the ability to run all day long.

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Y6 Tram

What can you say about this really useful engine? Known the world over thanks to the railway books of the Rev. W Awdry, the LNER Y6 tram engine was a stalwart of the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway and continues to be one of the most popular designs at the club track appealing to young and old and big kids everywhere.

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The Geep

A General Purpose locomotive for comfortable and safe running all day long, a great passenger hauler with all axles driven and a hand parking brake. Easy access via the side door and plenty of storage space for additional batteries and essentials, such as a flask of tea and sandwiches.

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A new loco for 2013. This loco has all the attributes of the well proven Project Loco with the looks and feel of the narrow gauge industrial scene. The headlight and handrails are included in the easy build kit which can get you on the track with your own loco in one weekend.

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An auto-trolley style ride on loco which can be configured for one or two persons. A robust chassis and drive train featuring plywood body work for authentic looks. The Scooter can be fitted with reduced speed gearing to get you as close to the agricultural narrow gauge scene as possible with a quiet and efficient loco capable of shifting garden requisites and passengers with equal ability.

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The Tug

The Tug is the result of a visit to the wonderful 18" gauge Steeple Grange Light Railway. Spending a day with the diesel workhorses on that line led to the development of our own narrow gauge workhorse which we just had to call The Tug. All Steel construction powder coated in customer choice of colour along with a pair of 1 Hp motors controlled by a 180amp digital controller.

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Beefy Auto Truck

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Vale of Ffestiniog

The classic Festiniog Railway diesel loco was created from an earlier Funkey loco which was purchased by the railway from South Africa. The Funkey had a single cab and one long bonnet. It was decided to convert this to a double ended loco with a cab at both ends. The designer Steve Coulson built the loco for the railway and was kind enough to allow us access to some of his Cad files to enable us to replicate our own version of Vale of Ffestiniog.

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40 HP Simplex Protected Loco

The Simplex 40hp Protected Loco designed and built in 1917 is more commonly referred to as the Tin Turtle. The Phoenix model captures the look of this historic trench loco with all the little details such as the door handles and the driver protection panels. A compact loc at 32inches long equally at home on the Garden Railway accommodating curves as little as 10ft radius or as a passenger hauler with a difference at the club track.

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The Druid

Photos of the Druid locomotive

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The Hefty

Photos of The Hefty

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The Budgie

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Polar Bear

Photos of the Polar Bear & Sea Lion

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