Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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The Budgie Information

One of the few advantages of lockdown is some extra spare time, which inevitably led to discussions about our next loco. We made a list of what we wanted to include in the design and sketched out some ideas. I have always liked the round window spectacle plate on industrial locos and that gave us a starting point. We wanted to hide the control gear and as much of the internal wiring as we could. We added a bunker to the rear of the cab to accommodate the iDrive and control wiring which also gave us a neat control panel on the rear of the loco.

We have designed twenty different locos over the years so we have learned a thing or two. The power wiring is all routed underneath the floor leaving a nice clear area for batteries. Chain drive from the motors to both axles gives reliable running and long life. Battery straps are included in the kit for safe location of the batteries, along with a battery charging circuit so the loco can be charged with ease.

As well as being powerful and reliable, the loco has to look good. Panels must fit well, proportions must be right and the loco should be imposing on the track. The Budgie loco is available in both 5 and 7¼" gauge and will be equally at home trundling around a garden railway or hauling passengers on the club track.

5" gauge Budgie ready to roll £2,295

7¼" gauge Budgie ready to roll £2,895

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5 inch Gauge £1,595
7.25 inch Gauge £1,895

All prices include VAT