Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Phoenix Locos

5" Power Bogie Frequently Asked Questions

Are the bogies supplied as a kit or ready built?

We supply them fully built and tested so they just need to be bolted on to your chassis and connected to your control system.

How many motors are in each bogie?

We fit two Lemac 150w DC permanent magnet motors to each bogie.

Does the bogie have suspension ?

Yes it has primary suspension on the swing arm assembly which uses rubber suspension bobbins in compression. The bogie is also fitted with coiled spring secondary suspension to allow for the chassis to tilt.

Can you adjust the ride height?

Yes, you can adjust the ride height of the bogie by adjusting the suspension bobbins in or out to raise or lower the swinging arm assemblies. This means you can level the bogie to a level ride height when you have established the overall weight it will be carrying. You can also adjust the height that the chassis rides above the bogie by adjust in the two domed bolts in the top plate of the bogie centre box.

Do you use these bogies on any of your production locos?

These bogies are used on the 5in gauge Project Loco, Comet 5, Titan 5 and the Class 24. The Class 50 and 52 locos use a three axle variation of the same design.

Can I run them on a 12 volt loco?

Yes the motors will run on 12 or 24volt systems.

Do you sell them separately or in pairs?

We normally sell them in pairs, if you only want one, we are happy to supply them singly. You just pay half of the cost of a pair.

I need a longer wheel-base, is it possible to have a longer bogie?

Yes we can supply a longer centre box to make a longer wheel-base, these are special order items and will incur a small additional charge.

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5 inch Gauge £1,250
7.25 inch Gauge

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