Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Phoenix Locos

40HP Simplex Protected Loco Specification

  • Length: 812mm / 32ins
  • Width: 554mm / 21.8ins
  • Height: 615mm / 24.2ins
  • Wheelbase: 331mm / 13ins
  • Weight (less batteries): 56kg / 123lbs
  • Speed: 8-10 mph /14-17kph
Control system:
  • iDrive 180amp Digital Motor Speed controller inside cab
  • Remote control handset connected to loco by single cable and plug
  • Handset has speed, direction, Deadmans facility, horn and auxiliary switch for accessories
  • Internal control panel has speed limiting switch, freewheel switch and battery/diagnostics indicator.
  • Handset has a dead man’s facility via a jack plug and socket.
  • Loco will stop if handset is unplugged or control lead is severed
Drive system:
  • 1hp (750w) DC Motor located under bonnet with chain drive to centre lay-shaft and from lay shaft to both axles.
  • Chain drive sprockets are taper lock for axles and layshaft.
  • Motor drive sprocket is located by M6 screw.
Electrical system:
  • 24volts. Main fuse 60 amp midi.
  • All power wiring pre-cut and terminated.
Construction - Chassis

3mm steel laser cut and CNC folded with 3mm side panels and brackets and narrow gauge style couplings with starting handle bracket and side step. Derailing bars on both ends.

  • Buffer beams - Laser cut 6mm steel with 4 detailing brackets
  • Wheels - CNC machined EN8 steel 143.3 mm dia.
  • Back to back – 7¼” gauge - 173mm
  • Lay-shaft - 20mm steel runs in self aligning roller bearings
  • Suspension - Outboard springs and self aligning roller bearings
Construction - Body:
  • Laser cut 1.6mm flat steel panels with apertures for vents, additional parts for roof and side panels.
  • Doors and hinge strips (doors do not open)
  • Bolt together assembly.
  • Door handles and door retaining handles.
  • Roof with protection armour panels.
  • Roof is removable to allow access to interior.
  • Roof has exhaust/silencer detail.
  • Curved end panels and roof are supplied flat and are curved by hand during construction.
Construction – Finish:
  • All flat metal panels are powder coated in Olive Drab finish.
  • Some small parts will need to be painted.
Kit - components:

There are over 900 individual components including fasteners and brackets. Main components are Chassis, chassis cover plates, cab doors and bonnet panels, buffer beams, brackets, suspension units with self aligning bearings, wheels, axles, taper lock sprockets, chain, and motor-mounting bracket. DC motor, motor-drive sprocket, motor speed controller, handset, fuse holder and fuse, all wiring, handles detailing brackets door and hinge strips. Illustrated instructions, all fasteners and decal set.

What you supply

You will need to supply two 12 volt batteries and paint for small parts.

E&OE. Phoenix Locomotives Ltd. We reserve the right to change this specification at any time as part of the ongoing programme of model development. 4th November 2014

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5 inch Gauge
7.25 inch Gauge £1,995

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