Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Beefy Auto Truck Frequently Asked Questions

Is it available in 10.25" gauge

Yes, the loco was designed to be offered in both 7.25 and 10.25" gauges. With this in mind, we used 30mm diameter axles made in EN8 and an EN8 lay-shaft for extra rigidity. The wheels are profiled specifically for 10.25" gauge being much wider with deeper flanges. See the specification sheet for details.

How many batteries do I need?

You need two 12v batteries connected in series to power the 24v motors in the loco.

The loco has space in the bonnet area to accommodate two batteries up to 90Ah size.

Where are the motors located ?

Under the frames between the wheels. They drive onto a central lay-shaft that transfers drive to both axles using roller chain.

Can you fit bigger motors ?

We can't fit bigger motors, but we can fit four motors giving a total of 4Hp.

Why is it so heavy?

The Auto Truck is constructed with steel panels. In some areas they are up to 6mm thick. We deliberately engineered it to be a robust design with plenty of adhesive weight. The centre of gravity was kept as low as possible to give a stable driving platform. That is why we have added the boxes at either end of the frames behind the buffer beams. The front one holds one of the batteries and the rear one is for storage. These are not typical of a Lister but are useful additions to our version.

Can I have a different name?

Yes, we have left the front of the radiator panel above the words Auto Truck blank. Let us know what you wish to call you loco and we will have it produced in vinyl for you to apply. The available space is approximately 120mm high and 360mm wide.

Is it only available in Green?

The loco is powder coated and panels can be finished in any colour you wish (subject to it being available) The standard finish is one colour all over with a white radiator grille Additional colours are available at extra cost. The seat is supplied finished in black. The couplings require painting after assembly into the buffer beam. The couplings are supplied in bare metal.

Does it have suspension?

Yes the axles are suspended on sprung self aligning bearings. The spring rates can be changed to suit individual requirements.

Does it require welding?

The only bit of welding is on the seat post and we have that done by a coded welder before we despatch a loco. The loco kit as supplied is entirely bolt together.

Will I need engineering skills to build the loco?

No, if you can wield a spanner you can build the loco. You do not require any specialist knowledge.

Many of our customers are first time builders. The Kit comes with an illustrated building guide and we are a phone call away if you have a query.

Is it only available with side saddle seating?

The seat can be bolted in three positions. Left, right or forward facing. The controls on the bulkhead can be aligned to suit the seating arrangement. The brake is mounted centrally.

Does the loco conform to 7¼" Gauge Society standards?

The 7¼" gauge version has wheel profiles machined to the society's Narrow gauge standards and the bottom coupling pocket is also set to the recommended standards.

If it has a spring return on the throttle lever, why have you added an emergency stop switch?

Belt and Braces! The control system will react quicker to the emergency stop button. The loco will remain inactive until the button is reset by twisting it. This allows the driver to assess the emergency and make a conscious decision as to whether it is safe to re-engage the drive and proceed.

How fast will it go?

Top speed is just over 10MPH this can be limited to 5MPH by engaging the speed limiter switch fitted to the bulkhead.

Can you fit safety chains?

We fit 2 stainless steel eye bolts at each end of the loco.

What do you get with a standard kit?

All steel laser cut and folded panels, welded seat post. tractor seat, wheels, axles, sprockets, chain, bearings, springs, lay-shaft, control wiring loom, power wiring loom, fuse and fuse holder, iDrive 200 amp motor speed controller, Accucharge battery condition/diagnostics display, switches, relays, spring loaded lever throttle assembly, fasteners, screw-down brake, brake caliper and disc, vinyl decal set, electric motors, couplings and coupling pins. Illustrated building guide, 12 months warranty and yes we do supply an ex-nato ammunition box to keep your sandwiches in.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, as with all Phoenix products the loco is covered by a 12 month warranty. See our website for terms and conditions

How do I order an Auto Truck?

You can call us or contact us by mail or email. We require a 50% deposit with order and the balance on collection or delivery.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver your Auto Truck. We charge £1 per mile for the journey between your postcode and ours and using the RAC route finder to establish the mileage. The charge is based on one way travel and covers the return journey. (ie: 50 pence per mile for the round trip)

Can you ship to other countries?

We can ship to most countries with a few exceptions. email with a full postal address and we will obtain a quotation from our shipping agents. We normally send locos in a wooden shipping crate and deliver to your door. European deliveries are usually by road transport. Other destinations use airfreight.

Are there any optional extras?

Yes, we can supply the Auto Truck with four motors instead of two, this will give you 4Hp. We fit 2 iDrive units in 4 motor versions.

We can also offer a front light, a horn and additional colours.

Do you offer a ready built version?

Ready built versions are available for an additional £650 twin motor or £750 for the four motor version.

What is the timescale for delivery?

We can normally deliver a kit in 8-10 weeks from order. Ready to roll locos would be quoted on an individual basis.

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