Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Phoenix Locos

DB V200 Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a kit?

Around 150 to 200 hours. This kit has over 1000 components and will take some time to build. The fire extinguishers have four parts for each one and there are six extinguishers in each kit. There is a lot to do, but the results are well worth it, this loco attracts attention wherever it goes.

Do I need engineering skills?

No, we build our kits with the modeller in mind. The kits are fully engineered and all specialist operations are completed prior to delivery.

We build the bogies install all the electrics and test the rolling chassis. You need average modelling skills, a lot of patience and a big space to work in!

How do you control the loco?

We fit a remote handset, which plugs into the rear of the loco. This puts al the major controls, power, forward/reverse etc in your hand.

For safety reasons should the unit become unplugged or the control wire is severed then the loco will stop immediately.

Can you charge the batteries in situ?

Yes, there is no need to disconnect them, the controller will sense the charger and will automatically shut down. We recommend that you remove the handset during the charging cycle.

Are all the wheels driven?

Yes, the loco is fitted with four 150watt motors driving each axle.

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5 inch Gauge £4,395
7.25 inch Gauge

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