Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Phoenix Locos

The Hefty Specification

General dimensions:
  • Length over buffer beams : 63.5 in / 1612 mm
  • Height rail to roof: 56.5 in / 1439 mm
  • Width over body: 22.5 in / 570 mm
  • Truck/bogie centres: 29.5 in / 750 mm
  • Truck/bogie wheelbase: 16.4 in / 417 mm
  • Weight (estimated): 105kg
  • Speed: 9 mph / 14 kph
Control system:
  • iDrive 200amp 24 volt motor speed controller
  • Location- Power controller inside locomotive
  • Control panel remote from locomotive
  • Connection to loco by single cable
  • Rotary power control and toggle switches for horns and forward/reverse
  • Dead-mans facility by wrist cord and jack plug
Drive system:
  • Motors: 2 X 750W (1hp) DC
  • Drive: Chain drive to outer axles
  • Chassis
  • Laser cut CNC folded steel
  • Steel thickness: 3mm
  • Powder coated black
  • Buffer beams 6mm steel
  • 6mm laser cut steel
  • Axle/Motor suspended cradle, laser cut steel
  • Wheels - 143 mm diameter - CNC machined steel
  • Axles - 25 mm diameter CNC machined steel
  • One motor per bogie with chain drive
  • Brake Caliper and brake disc on one axle
Cab and bonnet:
  • 3mm laser cut and CNC folded steel
  • Bolted construction with brackets
  • Powder coated finish in customer choice of colour
  • Generous seat 755mm (29.75in) wide
  • Mechanical handbrake
  • Steel roof and stanchions.
Electrical system
  • Voltage/fuses - 24volts, 60 amp main fuse
  • Disconnects - quick connects control panel to locomotive
  • Wiring - Pre-formed and terminated wiring loom.
Kit – components
  • The following specification is for a standard powered Kit
  • Laser cut, folded steel superstructure, powder coat finish in customers choice of colour
  • Chassis laser cut and CNC folded, black powder coated.
  • Wiring loom assembled with motor controller, fuse and battery connections.
  • All wiring pre-cut and fully terminated.
  • 6mm Steel buffer beams, narrow gauge style couplings
  • Remote hand controller and associated leads.
  • Bogies assembled and wired.
  • Roof
  • All fasteners
Optional extras
  • Twin horns
  • Four motors (twin controllers)

Approximately 20 hours assembly for loco

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5 inch Gauge
7.25 inch Gauge £2,895

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