Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Vale of Ffestiniog 7.25 inch Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the loco?

The loco is 2435m long or 96in long.

How much does it weigh?

227kg or 500lbs plus batteries.

Are both bogies driven?

We fit two of our low profile power bogies as fitted to the Titan 7 Loco. They are both fitted with 750w 1hp 24v Dc motors and all axles are driven.

Why do you use chain drive in the bogies?

Chain drive is tried and tested and has long been used for power transmission in industry, We have been using chain drive in our locomotives since Project Loco No 1 and have found it to be robust, reliable and easy to maintain.

Does the loco have brakes?

We fit a disc brake and calliper to the front bogie, this is activated by a ratchet handbrake in the cab. It is essential that the loco can be stopped safely and securely on an incline. Additional braking can be added with a vacuum or air operated disc brake on the rear bogie.

Is the loco fitted with regenerative braking?

Regenerative or dynamic braking is a by-product of the DC drive system. It will slow the loco but the regenerative effect lessens as the speed falls away, which is why we fit the handbrake. It is important to note that whilst regenerative force will slow a light engine it will not hold it stationary and it should NEVER be considered as a train braking system.

Passenger trains should be stopped with train brakes.

Do I have a choice of colour?

The kit is supplied in the classic two-tone green livery of the Ffestiniog railway, it has a powder coated black chassis with red buffer beams and grey roof panels. The body panels a re finished in dark green and the yellow warning panels and lighter green panels are vinyl overlays which are professionally applied prior to delivery. We can also supply the early National Power Blue/Grey livery as an option. As a further option the loco can be supplied in a colour scheme of your own choice or in bare metal for home or specialist finishing.

How is the loco supplied?

The loco is supplied as a bolt-together kit. The bogies are built and tested prior to despatch, the wiring loom is also completed and tested. The body panels are all laser cut and CNC folded, so all the holes line up and panels fit together as they should. You will need hand tools only to complete the loco and it can be built in three or four days.

What safety features are fitted?

The loco has a hand operated disc brake which will allow the loco to be held stationary on an incline and to be parked safely. The control handset has a dead-mans facility which will isolate the controller if operated. The loco will also come to a halt if the control handset is unplugged or the control wire is severed. We have also incorporated a soft start and braking profile into the controller to allow for smooth acceleration and slowing.

The loco is fitted with an internal half speed switch which allows a full sweep of the throttle pot but restricts the speed to half of the normal operating speed. This feature is especially useful with novice drivers or on a garden railway where slower speeds are required.

What is the delivery time-scale?

The Vale of Ffestiniog are usually available in 8-10 weeks from order. If you are ordering a non-standard colour or multiple colours it may take some additional time. If you are ordering a bare metal kit the delivery time will be shorter. Built locos will be quoted on an individual basis.

What batteries will I need?

We can advise on battery type and fitment and also recommend some suppliers to suit your particular requirements. Typically we would recommend two 12v 75Ah. The loco is large enough to take up to four 90Ah which will give a running time of 8-12hours.

Do you supply instructions?

All our kits come with a comprehensive illustrated building guide and an illustrated running and maintenance manual.

Is there a warranty?

We take care with all our designs to prove them and engineer them for robust and reliable working however for peace of mind we also include a 12 month warranty with all our products.

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