Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Driving Truck Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Driving Truck available in 5" gauge?

This particular model is only available in 7¼" gauge.

Are they available in other colours?

The Driving Truck is supplied with a powder coat finish you can choose any colour you wish from a wide range of colours.

Can I get a colour that matches my loco?

The powder coat finishes are generally available in most BS and RAL colours.

It is usually possible to get a close match for most popular railway colours.

How is the Driving Truck supplied?

Usually in kit form with all panels laser cut and formed with holes for brackets and fasteners pre-cut. We can also offer a ready to run Driving Truck for a small additional cost.

Is there any storage space for tools etc?

There is a large box accessible by lifting the seat base.

Does it have brakes?

There is a disc brake fitted to the rear axle. The brake is activated by pushing or pulling the lever on the side of the truck.

Can the brake lever be fitted to either side of the truck?

Yes, you can decide which side you prefer when you build up the kit or specify right or left when you order a ready to run Driving Truck.

How long will it take to build from a kit?

Around 6 Hours will be all the time needed. The pre-cut and finished panels bolt together with tabs and slots to keep the panels aligned during building.

How heavy is it?

65Kg. The chassis rails, buffer beam and rear panel are all 6mm steel. The body is 3mm steel and this makes for a very robust truck which will be still running in many years time.

What kind of suspension does it have?

The axles run in self aligning ball race bearings which are each independently sprung with a 32mm die spring. Using die springs means we can offer five different rates of springing without changing the overall dimensions of the spring.

Can the Driving Truck be used as a Guards Truck at the back of a train?

Yes we have an extended back panel which makes a great backrest for the guards version which also feature a brake handle on both sides of the truck.

Are there any options or extras available?

We will be offering a twin disc braking system on the Guards Truck. Twin brakes will also be available as an option on the Driving Truck.

You can also order an additional storage tray which fits between the foot-wells and is perfect for coal and firing irons and the tea-pot.

Vacuum and air brake actuators can be also fitted.

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