Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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BR Mk 1 Coaches Frequently Asked Questions

How close to scale are the Mk1 coaches?

We based our model on works drawings and have reproduced as close as we can to the original. The coaches are dimensionally accurate and are constructed using 1.6mm steel which was also used as the outer skin on the full size Mk1 coaches. The interiors feature veneer wall linings and laser cut wooden tables and seat frames with moulded upholstery. The underframe features all the primary detailing touches such as the battery boxes and dynamo. The bogies have rapid production detailing replicating the Commonwealth bogie of the late 50’s era.

Are all the panels formed before delivery?

Yes, we have the steel panels laser cut, then folded or rolled ready to bolt together. The roof is rolled and formed and welded. The under frame is also welded and ready for detailing by the builder.

How is the interior built ?

All the wooden parts are laser cut, seat frames, tables and bulkheads are made from mdf. They are all slotted and use tenon joints to make construction simple and straightforward. The laser cut floor panels are also slotted to ensure accurate placement of the seating and interior bulkheads and toilet compartments. The walls are lined with laser cut plywood panels to give an authentic interior finish.

Do you need workshop facilities?

The Mk1 coach is designed to be bolted together and the pre-formed panels do not require any special tools or engineering skills to build a quality scale model. If you can build an Airfix kit , you can build a Mk1 coach!

How long will it take to build a kit?

You will need approximately 80 hours to complete the building process. This will vary depending on space available, level of modelling and painting skill and other factors.

I find glazing a model quite difficult, how do you fit the windows in a coach?

We were very conscious of this problem and know that a lot of people have find glazing difficult. The window material is supplied as four oversize panels which are glued in place on the inside of the body. The plywood wall lining is then applied to cover the oversize glazing and makes the whole arrangement neat and tidy. When viewed form the outside the coach has the appearance of individually glazed windows.

Can you use a coach to carry passengers?

Yes, all our Mk1 coaches are designed to carry passengers, the all steel construction is exceptionally strong and the free running bogies with rocking primary suspension makes them ideal for carrying two adults or three children. Full length foot boards can be added for passenger comfort we recommend that they are used only on ground level tracks.

Why do you sell separate exterior and interior detailing kits?

We don’t recommend fitting the exterior detailing if you want to use the coach to carry passengers. The roof vents are a bit uncomfortable and clothing can be snagged by door handles etc. The interior is optional for the same reason and can be added at a later stage if required.

What other Mk1 coaches will be available?

The TSO is the first of a range of coaches the next one is the BSK and that will be followed by other variations.

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