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BR Mk 1 Coaches Information

British Railways Mk1 coaches were introduced following nationalisation in 1948.

The design brief was to incorporate the best features of the existing passenger carrying stock and make a stronger standard coach to be used on all regions.

The Mk1's had a distinctive curved side profile based on a 28ft radius and incorporated flat glazing in a large lower section and a smaller top section. Most were built on 63ft 5in under-frames and allowed a variety of seating plans with end and centre vestibules and toilet compartments. Seating was aligned with the windows to allow passengers unrestricted views.

The Mk1's were further improved in 1958 with the introduction of the cast steel Commonwealth bogie. These bogies gave an improved ride over the original bogie and reduced tyre wear considerably.

All coaches had veneered wood interiors and wall linings and early coaches had a small plaque indicating the type of wood used and the country of its origin. There are many Mk1 coaches in preservation and most heritage railways run mixed consists enabling enthusiast to sample virtually all the Mk1 variations.

If you would like to learn more about Mk1 coach history and construction we would recommend obtaining a copy of the book by Keith Parkin MA "British Railways Mark 1 Coaches" Published by Pendragon ISBN 0 906899 49 4

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