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Glorious Guildford

Another great Guildford Rally (July 9th & 10th). The Exhibition tent was very well appointed with a superb selection of models covering all aspects of our hobby. The railway never stopped all weekend and passengers were treated to all "manor" of locos along with a few Halls, Kings, Clan Lines and some fine continental locomotives. The Gas Turbine Builders Association held regular demonstrations and came close to the replacing the awesome noise of the Sunday morning Concorde flight.

The boat pond offered a great source of amusement to the younger visitors with a "Nessie" which squirted water at the unwary onlookers. The radio controlled duck and ducklings were popular and the submarines and hovercraft kept most dads interested. The Traction Engine field was busy all weekend with a marvellous mid-afternoon parade featuring all the engines. We didn’t see very much of other traders during the day so we can only assume they were as busy as we were.

As usual there were plenty of happy smiling faces to be seen, often covered in ice cream!

We have posted a small selection of pictures to give a general view of the weekend's proceedings.

Guildford Rally 001

Guildford Rally 002

Guildford Rally 003

Guildford Rally 004

Guildford Rally 005

Guildford Rally 006

Guildford Rally 007

Guildford Rally 008

Guildford Rally 009

Guildford Rally 010

Guildford Rally 011

Guildford Rally 012

Guildford Rally 013

Guildford Rally 014

Guildford Rally 015

Guildford Rally 016

18 July 2011 03:40 Keith

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Guilford Rally

We have posted a Solidworks animation of the Low profile Power Bogie. This is the same bogie that we fit in pairs to the Titan 7 loco. We have also posted some pictures of the Titan 5 bogies which incorporate four Lemac DC motors. You will find the new pictures in the Gallery section soon.

We will be showing the Titan 7 and Titan 5 at the Guildford Rally on the 9th & 10th July. We will also be taking some other items, so come and see the new models and have a chat.

The Guildford Society of Model Engineers has posted a wealth of information for visitors (external link)

If you have been before you know it is an event not to be missed, if you have never been, then be prepared for a very professionally run and presented event with all aspects of the hobby catered for plus great tea and buns.

29 June 2011 01:14 Keith

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Post Harrogate 2011

The Harrogate Show was incredibly busy and from the happy smiling faces it seems everybody enjoyed it. Thank you to all our visitors, it is always a pleasure to catch up with our regulars and to meet some new customers.

The Titan loco was well received and we are soon to see one in Deutches Bundebahn livery after it is delivered to a customer in Germany. We also have some BR liveried locos ordered for destinations closer to home. The Flying Scotsman inspired livery was deemed very acceptable and has already been ordered by a new customer. The Low Profile Power Bogie we use in the Titan Loco also attracted a lot of attention and several customer and club projects are now being finalised to incorporate the new bogie.

The BR Mk1 TSO Coach gathered many favourable comments and more than a few orders. The interior detailing was particularly well received and most orders have included the interior option, it seems that most people prefer to keep their coaching stock as near to scale as possible with interior and exterior detailing rather than the ride on option.

We exhibited a working warship bogie with an AC Drive System and spent a lot of time discussing new applications for the AC system. The demonstration model was rarely static and most visitors found it remarkable that we could offer such a large amount of power from such a small package. We were using a pair of small 12 Ah batteries to power the bogie all weekend and this proved to be an excellent way of demonstrating the efficiency of the motors as we did not re-charge them for the 3 days of the show.

You will find details of the new Low Profile Power Bogies listed in Products in the next couple of days and look out for a new AC system and BR Mk1 coach section coming soon.

We also took our camera and these are a selection of what came out:

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

Harrogate 2011

02 June 2011 18:45 Keith

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Getting Ready For Harrogate

We've been working hard getting ready for the Harrogate Exhibition. We've built up the first Titan 7 Bogie loco to take with us, and we thought we'd give you preview of what is in store at the exhibition.

Titan 7

We're going to be at stand 91/92 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so please drop in and see us to have a look at the Titan 7 and some other new surprises. Come along and have a chat, pick up a free catalogue and meet Brian who is our Rapid Protoyping expert.

Titan 7

Titan 7

We've added more photos in the Titan 7 Gallery

10 May 2011 16:19 Keith

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First Look At The Titan 7

We have started to build up the 7.25 inch gauge version of the Titan Loco that we will be taking to the Harrogate exhibition on the 13th of May

Titan 7

The loco is in Apple Green and is the closest match to the colour of one of my favourite locos, Flying Scotsman. The livery LNER applied to the A3 Class locos is very distinctive and has some very subtle visual cues on the locomotive. If you study the loco in the NRM in York or some good pictures of it in google images you will see it is a fine testament to the sign writers art.

We will be adding some graphics to the basic colour scheme on the Titan and of course a loco class and a number which is yet to be decided but it will not be 4472!

The pictures show the chassis and the cab and bonnets. We have yet to add the front and rear radiator frames and the buffer beams. The bogies are also being built and we will update the pictures as we complete the build up.

More Titan 7 Photos can be found here

02 May 2011 01:00 Keith

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Introducing The Titan Bogie Loco

This animation shows our new Titan locomotive.

Featuring our well proven all steel construction, the loco can be ordered in your choice of colour and can be built in a weekend. The bogie format has enabled us to put two Bosch 1 hp motors in the 7¼” gauge version and the 5” gauge Titan has four motors giving it the same pulling power as our larger Class 50 Hoover and Class 52 Western models.

We have added information and specification pages along with some of the FAQ’s generated by some of the customers we discussed the loco with before we finalised the design and went to production.

The Titan loco will be featured on our stand at the Harrogate exhibition in May.

The Titan loco will be available in 5” for £1,695 and in 7¼” for £2,495. Both include VAT, and whichever colour you choose.

23 April 2011 00:10 Keith

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The Harrogate Exhibition

We started planning for the exhibition at the end of 2010 when we booked the stand space. We will have a larger stand this year as we have a lot of new models which will be introduced at the exhibition.

Look out for a new loco in 5” and 7.25” gauge. A new loco fitted with the super powerful AC drive. New scale rolling stock will include new freight models and super detailed, all steel construction Mk 1 coaches.

We are also expanding the electronics range with a new addition to the DCi controller range for larger locos and relay boards for running accessories in your loco.

If you are visiting you can also meet Brian, he is our Rapid Prototyping Wizard. Brian will be demonstrating one of our 3D modelling machines and discussing our rapid prototyping service and what it can do for the model engineer, so we look forward to seeing you there.

14 April 2011 23:59 Keith

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The Future Is Orange!

It certainly will be in Denmark soon, we are about to ship a Project Loco 2 to its new owner in its resplendent livery of Bright Orange (RAL 2008). Since we introduced the choice of colour as a standard feature, we have been astounded at the variety of colours chosen. It certainly appears that loco maroon or pre-war green are not always the first choice. Have a look at the colour chart in the Project Loco 2 section

Manual labour

We often get asked "what did you do over the Christmas break?" We used the time when the phone is quieter to update or write new manuals.

PL2 Build Manual Cover PL2 Running Manual Cover
DCi 120 Manual Cover

The Project Loco 2 Build Manual is now a 44 page illustrated guide to getting a Project Loco built and onto the track. The kit also includes an additional 20 page Running and Maintenance manual with guidance from fitting batteries and the first test run to long term maintenance and care of the loco and batteries. We have posted a few sample pages of the manuals by clicking on the front covers above.

Project Loco 2.5

We used Solidworks 3D Cad to draw the new Project Loco 2. Using CAD makes the job of scaling up or down easier, so we took the opportunity to develop a smaller version at the same time, resulting in the Project Loco 2.5. At just over 22 inches in length, its compact size makes it ideal for the garden or the club track. It is available in 12 or 24 volt versions and of course it is also available in any colour you like, including black!

PL2 and PL2.5

"Vat Man and Robbin’"

Whatever you think of VAT, all larger businesses are required by Inland Revenue. to collect it on their behalf. The recent increase has hit everyone in many ways, even so we have decided we would not pass on the increase to our customers, so all our prices will stay the same and are always shown including VAT.

It all started with a loco...

When Phoenix started we made locomotives, then we needed something to ride on behind the loco and that led to a range of scale rolling stock. We have now progressed into electronics and control systems for battery electric locomotives. The DCi 120/24 is our first electronic product, designed specifically for locos and offered with an industry leading 24 month warranty. It is already proving popular with builders all over the country and you will find it fitted as standard to all our production locos.

For double heading or multiple controller installations we offer the DCi 120/24/Opto,this allows two or more controllers to be linked with a fibre optic cable.

DCi 120 and handset

The 120/ 24 will soon be joined by a 12volt version and there are other models nearing production. For the loco builder it is essential to have clear, concise and comprehensive instructions to cover installation and operation. For a preview of the twenty page manual supplied with the DCi 120/24 look here...

25 January 2011 22:45 Keith

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