Phoenix locos are UK based international distributors of high quality, affordable battery electric model locos,
rolling stock and loco bogies in 5 inch and 7.25 inch gauge that are ideal as club locos or in garden railways.

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Phoenix Locos

Introducing The Titan Bogie Loco

This animation shows our new Titan locomotive.

Featuring our well proven all steel construction, the loco can be ordered in your choice of colour and can be built in a weekend. The bogie format has enabled us to put two Bosch 1 hp motors in the 7¼” gauge version and the 5” gauge Titan has four motors giving it the same pulling power as our larger Class 50 Hoover and Class 52 Western models.

We have added information and specification pages along with some of the FAQ’s generated by some of the customers we discussed the loco with before we finalised the design and went to production.

The Titan loco will be featured on our stand at the Harrogate exhibition in May.

The Titan loco will be available in 5” for £1,695 and in 7¼” for £2,495. Both include VAT, and whichever colour you choose.

23 April 2011 00:10 Keith

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The Harrogate Exhibition

We started planning for the exhibition at the end of 2010 when we booked the stand space. We will have a larger stand this year as we have a lot of new models which will be introduced at the exhibition.

Look out for a new loco in 5” and 7.25” gauge. A new loco fitted with the super powerful AC drive. New scale rolling stock will include new freight models and super detailed, all steel construction Mk 1 coaches.

We are also expanding the electronics range with a new addition to the DCi controller range for larger locos and relay boards for running accessories in your loco.

If you are visiting you can also meet Brian, he is our Rapid Prototyping Wizard. Brian will be demonstrating one of our 3D modelling machines and discussing our rapid prototyping service and what it can do for the model engineer, so we look forward to seeing you there.

14 April 2011 23:59 Keith

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